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Happy New Year, Friends!

Good Sunday Greetings and Happy New Year, Friends!

Well, I figured it was about time for me to write a post here. :-)

There's been a lot of changes here at, and, as a friend here, it's time I let you know how things are going.

St. Therese of LesieuxFirst, a bit of background. I started "ACatholicPrayer" as a Twitter channel in, as I recall, September 2011. To be honest, I was concerned at many things I was seeing happening in the world, and I wanted to make a difference in a small way... sharing the great beauty of our Catholic faith, especially through the great tradition of prayers and the saints. And with Twitter, I found a way to imitate "The Little Way" of Thérèse of Lisieux.

Since that time, I've been blessed to connect with so many Catholics throughout the world. And I've added channels on Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Plurk, Pinterest (how fun is Pinterest?) and Instagram. To be honest, I hadn't done much with the Instagram account until this year. So now I'm finding my way around there. And now I'm connecting with new friends there, too! If you're there (or on any of these other channels), please connect and say hi! 

At some point, I believe also around September 2011, I added a website and was posting there. And then last year, the website was a victim of that lovely gift of malware. I have to wonder about people who create malware. Do they sit in dark rooms just enjoying the thought of causing trouble for others? :-)

In any case! The destruction of the Wordpress website prompted a decision for me with what to do with the website. Long story short, over the past few months I've been creating a new website from scratch. So I've started over with blog posts. You'll find information about saints and prayers here... And it's a work in progress!

And with this new website, I've been building a store. I'm really excited about it. I see it as next steps in following in a small way "The Little Way" of Thérèse of Lisieux, and a way that we can each participate in evangelization in a small way, whether it's by using coffee cup that share a short prayer or wearing a t-shirt or hoodie that shares the joy of being Catholic or carrying a keychain as a personal reminder of the goodness of God. If you haven't seen the new website yet, I invite you to check it out today!

Anyway. This is what I've been up to here at Thanks so much for joining me in our shared love of the Catholic faith and in helping to spread the joy we have here.

And a "gift" to you this Sunday, I'm adding here on the post an embed of the beautiful music I'm listening to as I compose this post. It's Gregorian chants shared by Proverbios

What a blessing it is to be Catholic, don't you think?

Enjoy this music, and a very blessed Sunday to you!


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